Malpractice Lawyer in Maryland: Ten Most Common Medical Malpractice Injuries


Although you put your trust and hopes in your doctor and modern medicine, sometimes mistakes occur. Medical professionals may not always follow proper procedure, or may fail to act correctly.

A Maryland malpractice lawyer can’t undo these mistakes, but he or she can make sure that the healthcare professionals involved are held accountable. Following are ten of the most common medical malpractice injuries:

  1. Anesthesia mishaps: Brain injury or disability can occur if anesthesia is administered incorrectly, or if a patient has an adverse reaction to it
  2. Birth injuries: Injuries happen during the birthing process, usually as the baby travels through the birth canal. They can include bone fractures, head or brain injuries, or nerve injuries
  3. Brain and nerve damage: These injuries may occur if the brain is deprived of oxygen due to a medical or anesthesia mistake
  4. Cancer misdiagnosis: Misdiagnosed cancer (misclassified tumor, failure to diagnose) greatly decreases a patient’s survival rate
  5. Cerebral palsy: This neurological disorder can be caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain during delivery
  6. Brachial plexus palsy: The brachial plexus is the collection of nerves in the neck, and can be stretched or damaged during childbirth
  7. Erb’s palsy: The most common form of brachia plexus injury, Erb’s palsy can happen during childbirth from extreme stretching
  8. Failure to diagnose/misdiagnosis: If a doctor misses a condition completely, or misdiagnoses it, harm to the patient can occur
  9. Nursing home negligence: This occurs when a loved one suffers abuse in a nursing home or medical care facility

10.  Paralysis/paraplegia/quadriplegia: Any of these can happen with mistakes during surgery, birth injury, or other malpractice

If you suspect medical malpractice caused your injuries, don’t wait – call an experienced malpractice lawyer in Maryland at our Maryland medical malpractice firm today for a consultation.  Know your rights and help us fight for you!